Destination Specialists

Certifications and partnerships with various tourism boards

A little about our certifications as specialists to convince you better:

Aussie Specialist
Do you imagine yourself scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef to look at the myriad patterns being formed by the corals under? Is it your dream to sail on the Sydney Harbour or listen to an opera at the Opera House? Allow us to be there to help you fulfil your fantasies. Being Aussie Specialists, we are associated with Tourism Australia which means that we can get you all the behind the scenes information and knowledge that you would want on your tour of New Zealand and Australia. Our customized itineraries showcase the authentic and unique experiences that you can have Down Under. You can rest assured that you will be getting a lot more than tourists who go on run-off-the-mill tours of the island continent.

Brit Agent
Britain has something to offer to all- shopping on Bond or Oxford Street in London, the Stonehenge for nature explorers and all the castles and forts to satisfy the Classics. A certified Brit Agent, Xtra Mile offers to you an exclusive tour of Great Britain which includes golfing tours of Scotland, biking and adventure tours of Cairngorm Mountains, exploration of age old castles in Scotland and even visits to homes of your favourite English authors. From warning you about rains to where to shop from, you can depend on us to make your holiday a great one in the UK.

Scots Agent
Known as the land of castles, with us, you can be sure of exploring the lesser known sides of Scotland. Being certified SCOT Agents (Specialist Counsellor on Travel to Scotland), we have compiled an in-depth study programme which covers all aspects of travelling to Scotland. From the romantic uncharted places to the best eateries which are a part of the Festival of Food and Drink 2015 in the city, we will be there to help you unravel the marvellous history and traditions of the country. With a glass of the finest Scotch in hand!

Dubai Expert
Known as a shopper’s paradise, Dubai has undergone a sea of transformation from being a barren desert habited by nomadic Emirati tribes. The city is not only known for the duty free shops that it has, but also the souks where authentic Arabic cuisine can be sampled, the Burj Khalifa and the pristine beaches. The city has a cosmopolitan culture for the large expat population settled here. If you are planning a short tour to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, count on Xtra Mile to execute it for you. Certified Dubai Experts by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, we will show you the different sights of the city.

Megical Kenya
Think Kenya and the roaring lions, galloping zebras and tall giraffes flash in front of the eyes. The savannahs of Kenya offer timeless cultures surrounding game animals. The coast of the country is dotted with coral reefs, calm waters and clear beaches. If the adventurer in you gets restless, the snow-capped mountains, equatorial forests, scorching hot deserts and highland retreats of Kenya are there to tame him/her. Your tour of Kenya with Xtra Mile will definitely be a revelation of sorts.

I need Spain
If the Tomatina Festival and Andalusian Highlands beckons to you to this passionate country, then we are there to help you absorb more about it. The Spanish culture is one of the most vibrant in the world- its exotic food, warm and beautiful people and idyllic landscapes. The beautiful juxtaposition of the modern world with age old traditions is a sight to be seen. Your trip to the country with Xtra Mile will not be without witnessing a performance by the graceful flamenco dancer, energy of the matador fighting the raging bull and sampling sumptuous dishes with dollops of tomatoes and olive oil- guaranteed to make you fall in love with this fiery and irresistible culture.

Fundi Specialist
Explore the beaches of South Africa at Cape Town and the jungles at Tsitsikamma National Park, play with the penguins on Boulder’s Beach and try your luck in the casinos of Sun City with us. Our Fundi Specialist certification gets you the best cultural and wildlife experiences of the Protean Country.

California Expert
After New York, most travellers aim to visit California in the US. The vineyards of Napa Valley, night life of Los Angeles and Hollywood is hard to resist. A California Expert, Xtra Mile knows exactly when would be the right time for you to surf the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, drink wine from Sonoma County, ride the tram in San Francisco, enjoy the sights of Beverly Hills and shop at Rodeo Drive. Sign up with us to live a few days the way a Californian does!

Made in India

Apart from guiding you in foreign lands, we are also there at your service when it comes to exploring India- the land of diversity. From the backwaters of Kerala to colourful Rajasthan and buzzing Goa, count on us to make your Indian experience, a pleasant, vibrant, comfortable and enriching one, as described in travelogues. We have special packages which include stays at some of the most luxurious properties which make your stay as pleasant as it is at home. Our services extend to managing cars for sight-seeing, giving you reminders about the next points on your itinerary and what to travel with- we are there by you always.